Christmas Light Takedown: The When And The How

Christmas Light Takedown: The When and the How

The Christmas season is over, but your chores are not— sometimes they seem never-ending. We know one of the worst parts of the Christmas year, when all the nog has run out and your tree looks like a brown spindle, is taking down those pesky lights. They looked so nice, but the further you get from the holidays, the more you’re getting a reputation as…

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Christmas Light Hanging: Prep Is Everything

Christmas Light Hanging: Prep is Everything

As the holiday season nears (yes it is just around the corner), more people are beginning to think about hanging their Christmas lights—  that onerous job, one part mind numbingly tedious and two parts gut-wrenching danger, or at least, that’s what it feels like. So here at We Install Christmas Lights we thought we’d take the time to outline some tips that will help make the…

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