Frequently Asked Questions: Holiday Light Installation

If its you’re first time having your Christmas lights hung by professionals, you can read through some of these questions we frequently answer for our first time customers.

How much notice do you need to hang lights on my house this season?

Feel free to contact us at any time; scheduling starts in September as we begin to fill the installation calendar. Advance notice of 2 weeks is preferred however we are able to schedule and complete an install within 24 to 48 hours.

What is your service policy and do the lights come with a warranty?

All lights and decorations purchased come with a 3 year warranty as long as We Install Christmas Lights Ltd. is performing the installation and removal. The lights are tested at the time of install and quality of workmanship guaranteed.

How does the removal of my lights work?

Our goal is to have all customer’s lights removed by January 21. An email will be sent notifying you of the approximate day we will be out to perform your removal. For first year customers we provide Rubbermaid bins at no charge in which we neatly organize your lights for you to store during the offseason.

Do I need to be home for you to do the install?

It is not necessary for you to be home during the time of install, provided there is access to powered outdoor outlets. Our lighting crew will test the lights after putting them up to be certain all connections are securely fit.

Who do I contact if my lights are not working properly?

Please call or email our office at 519-266-6761 or to let us know about the issue you’re having and we will have someone out within 48 hours to repair the lights.

Can you tell me when you are coming?

We will email you with a 2 to 3 day range when our crews will be out at your house and will also ask all returning clients to please have their lights outside and accessible for our installers. The 2 to 3 day time window allows us flexibility to account for inclement weather and scheduling conflicts.

Can you add to my initial lighting request if I want more later (both on-site and days after work has been completed)?

Yes. If the install team has the required materials to perform the additional requests is preferred to take care of those requests on the day of the installation. If there is additional lighting you want done after the install team has left, there may be an additional trip charge for the crew to return.