Christmas Light
Takedown and Removal

Contactor Never Came Back? We’ve Got You Covered

At We Install Christmas Lights, we’re proud to offer our comprehensive Christmas Light Takedown service in London, Ontario, and the surrounding areas. We understand that while installing holiday decorations brings joy, taking them down can be a cumbersome task, not to mention a chilly one in the depths of winter. So, we’re here to relieve that burden and make sure your festive season ends on a high note.

The importance of timely takedown of your Christmas lights is something we can’t stress enough. It’s a recommendation echoed by us, other professionals, and manufacturers alike. The primary reason being, it helps protect the light cords from prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions. This attention to detail ensures your lighting investment lasts for many Christmas seasons to come.

Our takedown process typically begins from the second week of January and extends until February. This period follows our maintenance season, providing a seamless transition from having your lights repaired and maintained, to having them safely taken down and stored.

Upon reaching your scheduled week, one of our professional and friendly crews will arrive at your home or business. They will carefully remove all your Christmas lights, along with any other holiday decor you might have had us install. Each item will be meticulously inspected for any wear or damage, ensuring that anything stored for next year’s festivities is in the best possible condition.

After takedown, the lights and decor are safely placed into dedicated storage bins. These bins are then stored securely as part of our year-long storage service. This service is a major benefit to you, as it saves space in your home and ensures your lights are stored in a controlled environment, which can further extend their lifespan.

In short, our Christmas Light Takedown service in London, Ontario, takes the hassle and worry out of concluding your holiday season. Let us take care of your lighting and decor so you can focus on starting the new year in the best possible way.

You will hear us, other professionals, and manufacturers recommend taking down your lights after the Christmas season. This is to protect the cords from exposure, so that your products will last you many Christmas seasons to come. Takedown occurs from the second week of January to February – right after the maintenance season.

On your scheduled week, one of the crews will arrive and proceed to remove your lights and other holiday decor. These will then be placed safelty in storage bins to be used for the following year, and you benefit from our year-long storage service.